A delicious Vegan breakfast bake that we’ve been enjoying!

Breakfast Bake With Just Egg & Beyond Sausage

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We have made this several times and hit it out of the park every time! It does have a hour or so bake time but its fairly easy to prepare and makes enough for 3-5 to eat as much as they would want! The leftovers go great in a burrito ( or as a midnight snack ).
We have found that not adding more sausage is a good thing, it tends to dominate the flavor, but adding in some Fakon ( Fake Bacon ) is nice too. Also, we use a TON of garlic in most of the bakes lately, like more than a bulb. We tend to favor bakes these days, partially because there’s usually leftovers, and it gives us time to clean up! The bread is really the heart of the bit, it soaks up the Just Egg and gives everything more texture. As far as cost, its in the medium range:

  • Just Egg = Usually about $5.
  • Sausage= $5 for the package, but we only use 2 links
  • Violife Cheese = $5 ( we use more than the called for cup , about a whole bag! )
  • Veg and Whatnot =$5 or so

Really not bad when considering eating out on a weekend morning for use usually runs about $60 all told, the work seems worth the payoff. We would love to have someone over to make this for sometime! <3 Thanks to Vaughn Chambers at www.veganrecipehub.com for the great recipe idea!