Hello friends, old and new.

Maybe we have met before. Perhaps we crossed paths On The Road, maybe we were vending at an event where you saw us. Did someone refer you to us, or maybe tell you we make an item they own that you commented on? Maybe someone gifted you with one of our creations!

You could have met us more recently, in our local community, and in our capacity as parents, children, teachers, or students.

There are three humans in our family: Linnea, Ian, and Jubilee.

It’s been a long and meandering path to get where we are today and we will likely share it with you here in little bits and pieces. These days, we make things mostly for fun and less often for sale.

We get up to a lot of learning, thinking, and working to love each other the best we can. Hopefully we can use this space once again and more regualarly to keep y’all posted on our family’s happenings and progresses and interests. Now that Jubilee is so much more grown and has a lot to say for themself, maybe they will even share an occasional artwork or story with you.

None of us are much for social media these days but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to update those who care to know about what is happening in our lives.

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  1. I was looking through some old files, sites I made way back. I bought some glass from you in ’02, frogs. They were terrific. I still have 2 left, I think, in 2022. The necklaces I made were big hits, thanks to your frogs. I remember you folks were great to deal with, too. So, from outta nowhere, 20 years later – rock on.

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